Voice of India by Ramya, Assistant Professor & Tribal Researcher

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Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu, India


Voice of India:

Ramya, Assistant professor of English and Tribal researcher is presently doing doctoral research in Tribal literature.
She is researching the Tribal life and Culture in Chhattisgarh Jharkhand, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.
She extends her research Area on hidden social issues in India. She focuses on empowering the Tribal students in Thalavadi hills, Tamil Nadu. She is the author in Outlook India, Indian Express, Pioneer, Punjab Tribune, yoga Yatra and Ground report.


Voice of India presents the author's research outcome of Tribal life and health and social issues. The book address the important issues of the society to draw attention to them as so to generate ideas and action towards the solution of problems. It is geared towards rectifying sociologycal imbalance that is prevalent in many parts of our country.

This book hopes to sensitize the need for the Restoration of harmony of Culture and Tribes. All the content here Mirrors the actuality of the tribes were published as articles in the newspapers of northern states like Delhi Jharkhand, Kerala, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh. it is an attempt to empower the indigenous people.


1. Bisra Munda, the unsung Tribal freedom fighter and the Hero of Jharkhand

2. Taking care of Attappady Tribal settlement.

3. Right to choose and Right to Reject among Tribes Jharkhand 20/20.

4. Mulakaram, Tax for Breast if never paid, let Them Bare.

5. A Farewell to India's Pattaya Neemuch - Mansaur highway in Madhya Pradesh.

6. Niyoga - sex for Dharma not for pleasure surrogacy in Ancient India.

7. Kissing in temple is wrong but Prostitution is Right - Devadasi System in India.

8. Male victimization Rape is a Rape, even if women does.

9. Megalithism - Mirroring the Iron Age  among Kurumba Tribe in Attappady.

10. The Naked Truth of Baster - The Tribal heartland of India.


The book is a compilation of my articles which I am researching in recent times. Some of them or about the implications of the endangered state and uncertain fate of life on Earth from literary and cultural studies and vice versa. As a Tribal Researcher I am much interested to shadow the Voice of the Voiceless Tribal Community, available in the most of the earth in habits without major changes in the way we live now.

The content here are to understand the unsung heroism of tribes are their art and culture. With such pressing concerns, this book is a concurrent rise in Tribal literature. Here are the articles published in Outlook India, Indian Express, Pioneer (Jharkhand), Mathurambhumi  (Kerala), Punjab Tribune (Punjab), yoga Yatra (Uttar Pradesh) and Ground report (Delhi).

Cost of the book: Rs. 150/-



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