Atma-Dhyana - Awakening The Inner Power, 30 May 2021 By Shri Aasaan Ji

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30/05/2021 - 30/05/2021 (09:00 AM - 06:00 PM)
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ATMA-DHYANA - Awakening The Inner Power !

The Ultimate Science to Change your Future Full of Personal & Financial Success !!

A One-day Life Transforming Workshop by Shri Aasaanji

Learn the Ultimate Power to Remove your Negative Karma and Gift yourself a New life ! A New Beginning !! Free of Stress and Full of Peace, Success, Richness & Happiness.!!

Discover the Ultimate Secrets to effortlessly reverse Life Situations. You will and You can, because you are Divine !
( His Holiness Shri Aasaanji is a World Renowned, Non-Religious, Contemporary Spiritual Teacher and a Living Master of Inner-Science & Self Transformation. Many refer to him as “New Age Mystic” & for over a Decade, Millions of People across the Globe have Transformed their Lives through his Divine Presence & Powerful Teachings)

The Most Powerful Meditation & Inner transformation technique to create Ever-lasting Peace & Success in all aspects of Life, (Health, Money & Relationship) Effortlessly

Elevate your Consciousness to a Higher Level and Experience Deep Inner-Peace and Spiritual Abundance !!

Unlocking & Unleashing the Power within you to Break Through Limitations and Create the Life you (Really) want to Live !!

Discover the Real Secrets to effortlessly reverse your Life Situation & Experience Personal & Financial Abundance !!

Get Ready to Transform your Life with Positive & Permanent Shift !!

The Ultimate Science to Re-write your Destiny !!


- Awakening your Invisible & Meta-Physical Powers
- Re-write your Destiny & Manifest your Dreams into Reality
- Real Solution to all your Personal, Financial & Relationship Problems
- 100% Relief from Stress, Fear & Negative Thoughts
- Experience Deep Inner Peace & True Bliss
- Learn the Art of Manifestation & Power of Positive Karma
- Get all the power to easily regain your lost Health, Wealth & Happiness
- Develop a state of Happiness & Fulfilment not affected by External Situations


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